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Nossack Fine Meats Ltd. is a company with a long standing family tradition of quality meats that have evolved over the past 100 years and spans five generations.

"Commitment to quality, service and customer satisfaction" has been a family tradition since 1894.

Nossack Fine Meats Ltd. Establishment #220 is a Federally Inspected, HACCP certified plant since February 28, 2001.

Our core values at all levels of our organization are:

  • Responsibility and accountability in a team work environment to achieve results and value to our customers.
  • Our Management team leads by example with positive attitude and experience. Nossack Fine Meats has an inter-departmental Management team with proven expertise in food processing, business economy, food safety and quality. Our Management team includes: Master in sausage makers, Business Economist and Master of Food science.
  • We promote a safe working environment where our main drive is Food Safety and Quality of all products.

Our company success is based on a strong food safety program with consistent product quality and shelf life.
We have several programs in our operation to ensure the highest quality and production standards to exceed regulatory requirements and customer's expectations on value, service, food safety and quality:

Supplier Quality Program

  • We have an effective Restaurant meat supplier quality Central Alberta and Red Deer program where suppliers go through strict approval process. Our approved Supplier Program ensures that suppliers of raw materials and contract services are evaluated on their ability to meet or exceed our food safety and food quality specifications and conformance to applicable regulations.

Employee Education/Training

  • At Nossack Food Group we believe that our employees are a fundamental part of our organization since they have the hands on expertise and craftsmanship to produce safe quality products. We encourage educational and community oriented activities and provide employees with the training tools to make them and us as a company successful.

Equipment Design and Maintenance

  • The right processing equipment for the task, preventative maintenance program inspection procedures all define our style of equipment.

Sanitation Program

  • We are proud of the performance and dedication of our sanitation crew that spend a minimum of 10 hours a day cleaning and sanitizing our facility. We utilize appropriate cleaning chemicals and equipment.
  • Pre-operation inspections are conducted every morning at 5 am by trained HACCP facilitator with the sanitation supervisor. A member of our Management team performs a pre-op audit to verify the sanitation process.
  • We have a very strict microbiological program; we do a corrective action in any sample higher than 50 CFU.

Introduction of New Emerging Technology

  • Nossack Fine Meats is committed to continually investigate and learn about new emerging technology to make this a long-term and state of the art facility.

Food Defense

  • Nossack Fine Meats has a Food defense program that ensures our workplace is secure and preventative measures are in place to minimize the intentional or malicious product tampering.

Business Continuity

  • Business continuity program is established to cope with known business threats which could compromise food safety and the ability to service our customers.

Product Inspection

  • All raw materials, including ingredients and packaging materials, are inspected upon receipt for any conditions that could impact food safety or quality. Subsequent sampling and testing of ingredients, work in process and finished goods insures compliance with all relevant legislation. Nossack Food Group is committed to being a safe and reliable choice for restaurant meat supplier in Central Alberta and Red Deer.

Traceability, Withdraw and Recall Program

  • Nossack Fine Meats utilizes a product identification system for all raw materials and finished goods from time of receipt through to time of shipment which allows for full traceability. To verify the effectiveness of our product identification system, we conduct mock recall trace exercises from raw materials (ingredients and packaging) to finished products and in reverse on a routine basis.
  • Our Recall program includes internal recall team contact information, detailed action plans that designate accountabilities and define tasks. Our program is reassessed annually to ensure our readiness to respond to a product withdrawal or recall, should the unlikely event occur.

Internal and 3rd party Audits

  • Nossack Fine Meats utilizes internal audits to verify compliance and the effectiveness of our Food Safety and Quality System program components.
  • 3rd Party Audits provide an independent evaluation of our compliance to those specific audit standards. 3rd Party Audit are conducted on an annual basis.

Nothing Could Be Finer

"Nothing Could Be Finer" has been Nossack Fine Meats motto for the last 30 years. This is more than just a slogan, it is a strong team commitment between management and employees to preserve and improve the high standards of their quality meat products.

With the integration of the Nossack Food Group (Nossack Fine Meats, Nossack Gourmet Foods and Nossack Distribution Centre), Karsten Nossack has built a solid working team that stands by our new adage: "Manufacturing with Integrity".

100 - 7240 Johnstone Drive | Red Deer, AB T4P 3Y6 | | Tel: 403-346-5006 | Fax: 403-343-8066


100 - 7240 Johnstone Drive
Red Deer, AB T4P 3Y6

Tel: 403-346-5006

Fax: 403-343-8066