Just in time for camping season, treat your family to our Nossack Camper's Box 1.  This box has what you need for, lunch, dinner and even afternoon snacks! 


Camper's Box 1 includes:

• ~600g 1/4 Slab of our Nossack Hickory Smoked Bacon

• 1pkg (6pc) of our Nossack Ukrainian Ham Smokies

• 1pkg (6pc) of our Nossack Cheddar Smokies

• 1pkg (6pc) of our Nossack Jalapeno Cheddar Smokies

• 1pkg (6pc) of our Nossack Bavarian Smokies

• 1pkg (500g) of our Nossack Honey Garlic Pepperoni sticks

• 1pkg (1kg) of our Nossack Medium Pepperoni sticks

• 1 pkg (250g) of our Nossack Original Beef Jerky 


To recap: this box includes , 24 smokies, 250g of beef jerky, 1.5kg of pepperoni sticks and 600g of bacon, that you can slice as thin or as thick as you'd like! If you have a love for the grill - then this is for you!

Camper's Box 1

  • This original recipe is double smoked with a beautiful natural hickory flavour. It is an unsliced product, ready for you to slice to your desired thickness

    1 pc = approx. 600g


    Allergens: None