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To create quality food and honest relationships with Canadians, for Canadians, while supporting LOCAL. 


People. Alberta Beef. Local. Environment.


Strive to preserve our resources + their importance to our region, in the pursuit of sustainability for generations to come.


Preserve our family traditions of skill + hard work that have been passed down for six generations.


Nossack Distribution Centre + Head Office

Nossack Distribution Centre is a 40,000 sq.ft. facility, that serves as both our Head Office and the hub of our cold storage and distribution logistics.  It is located in Red Deer, Alberta. 

Alongside our own Nossack Fine Meats and Nossack Gourmet products, we are a distributor for other suppliers, offering a variety of appetizers, entrées, seafood, cheeses and desserts; supplied fresh, canned and frozen.

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Nossack Fine
Meats Ltd.

Nossack Fine Meats Limited is a food manufacturing facility with a long-standing family tradition of quality meats that has evolved since 1894 and spans five generations of the Nossack family.

This facility creates a variety of products such as Pizza Toppings, Beef Jerky, Pepperoni, Sausages, Roast Beef, Pastrami, Turkeys and Hams.


Nossack Fine Meats exceeds all the requirements of SQF Certification, HACCP Approval and Halal Certification.

Nossack Gourmet
Foods Ltd.

Nossack Gourmet Foods Limited is a 25,000 sq.ft. food manufacturing facility in Innisfail, Alberta, which is managed by Nossack Food Group.

This facility creates meat and vegetable-filled pastry products (Quiches, Meat Pies, Sausage Rolls, Veggie Rolls, etc) both fresh and frozen and sell them to major retail grocery stores, delicatessens and food service establishments.

Nossack Gourmet Foods exceeds all the requirements of SQF Certification, HACCP Approval, Halal Certification and 'VegeCert' Vegan Certification.



After over 100 years of tradition, the Nossack family immigrated from Frankfurt (Germany) to Red Deer, Alberta (Canada). 

Encouraged by his parents, Karsten trained and graduated as an import-export trader.

Like his father and grandfather,
he achieved professional certification as a Master Butcher & Sausage Maker


Nossack Food Group owners Karsten and Ingrid Nossack are proud of their heritage and preserve it through their delicatessen and quality meat products.


The slogan of Nossack Fine Meats, “Nothing Could be Finer” represents their balance of Old World family traditions and North American tastes.


...and the tradition continues

Nossack Food Group currently supplies major distributors from coast-to-coast-to-coast, offering a variety of quality products, from our various facilities. 

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