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2022 NAAG Update

We sincerely thank Jett 'Fighter' Grande for being such an incredible NAAG Ambassador! We are thrilled to have this program that fosters strong leadership and supports young and aspiring athletes on their journeys.

Jett's winning attitude, passion and dedication to MMA are incredible. He has three straight wins in Unified MMA events and one draw on his professional record. We are delighted to watch Jett represent Canada while fighting abroad and his professional career rocket to the top!

Thank you, Jett. Your love for our community and heart for helping others made you an outstanding NAAG recipient.

A message from Jett:

It has truly been an honour to be the 2022 Nossack Athletic Ambassador recipient. I want to sincerely thank Nossack Food Group and Golden Fundraising for this opportunity. It has made such a positive impact on my life and career. MMA gives my life structure, discipline, and a genuine pure fulfillment and to have someone who wants to invest in you and support your vision and goals is such an unbelievable feeling.

Thank you, Nossack Food Group, for fostering a stronger future for our community through sport by supporting young athletes on their athletic journey. I am so proud of your work and the difference you make.

"If you are not thankful for what you've got -- you are not going to be thankful for what you are going to get. Stay grounded and focused. Give thanks to the people who help you along the way. Gratitude builds champions."


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