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Real Deal Australian Meat Pies Announcement!

RED DEER, April 4, 2022 - Nossack Food Group is pleased to announce the strategic acquisition of certain assets from Real Deal Australian Meat Pies from Kelowna, BC. In conjunction with the acquisition, Real Deal Australian Meat Pies management has joined Nossack Food Group, and they are welcome additions to the team.

Real Deal pies will be created at the Nossack Gourmet Foods Production Facility beginning in Spring 2022. These will be the first Federally-inspected savoury Aussie Pies available to the market.

This handcrafted product differentiates itself by being totally portable in any setting - on a ski slope, in the arena or watching ‘footy’ - you can feed your family a delicious, hearty meal.

Product Line Highlights:

• Real Deal Australian Meat Pies will now be the first Federally Inspected authentic Aussie Meat Pies in Canada

• We will maintain the authentic recipes that Western Canadians love and are launching with these six flavours:

• Ground Beef + Gravy (Classic)

• Steak + Gravy

• Steak + Mushroom

• Steak, Cheese + Bacon

• Pepper Steak

• Chicken Curry

Complementing these original six, we have exciting flavours coming soon to the lineup, including vegan options!

Nossack Food Group is excited about the tremendous opportunity to bring Australian Meat Pies to Canadian households. We will be updating information on and as it becomes available.

To learn more, follow @nossackfoodgroup and @realdealpies on social media, or call 403-346-5006.


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