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Beef Brisket Recipes

The Brisket is a pectoral muscle that has a lot of tough connective tissue, meaning you need to cook it "low and slow” to break it down and product ultra-tender results.

Due to its large size, brisket is typically cut into two pieces. The first cut, called the flat, is leaner and slices neatly. The second cut, known as the deckle point, is marbled with fat and falls apart perfectly when cooked correctly.

There are two popular ways to cook brisket—smoking and braising, resulting in very different tastes.

Smoked brisket is made with the second, fattier cut, so it doesn’t dry out after hours in the smoker. Braised brisket is ordinarily made from only the first cut, which helps the leaner meat hold moisture. If your braised brisket tends to be dry, try using the deckle point instead. It may fall apart when you slice it, but it’ll be moist and succulent.

Have you joined the smoking movement lately? Our team sure has! It's a great cut for the bbq/smoker/grill on our warm, Alberta summer days (when we get them!)

Here are some recipes that our team has tried. Be sure to let us know which is your favourite.

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