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Leftover Beef Brisket Ideas

Hooray! Your brisket was amazing! 😁 It was so delicious, but despite your best efforts (and those of your friends who were lucky enough to have been invited), you have leftovers!

Perfect! Leftover smoked Brisket is a fantastic protein variation that you can place into almost all of your favourite recipes. Use it for a smokey breakfast hash, deluxe nacho topping, tasty taco filling, grilled cheese addition, poutine topping, in fried rice and more! How about in salads, on pizzas or even chilli? YUM!

If your mouth isn't watering yet, check out this article from ChowHound: 13 Things to Do with BBQ Brisket Leftovers for more tempting ideas. It might make you want to make a brisket JUST for leftovers!

If that's the case - you're in luck! Our Brisket Sale is still on!


AA+, Raw, Frozen Canadian Beef Brisket $9.99/kg (pieces are 5-7kg ea)

Sale starts is valid while quantities last. Walk-in orders only. No rainchecks.

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