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We make Happy Campers!

As the weather stops dipping below 0° at night, we start preparing for Camping Season in Alberta. (Not that Albertans are afraid of camping when it's below 0°!)

With all the prep work that goes into a camping trip - let us help with your breakfast/lunch/dinner time needs!

We've curated some tasty Camping Boxes for you, featuring our #locallymade Nossack products, as well as some delicious Alberta Beef.

Click these images to view the box details and order online!

By purchasing the boxes, not only do you save time, you save money! Save $10 on Box 1 items, and $20 on Box 2 items! *

We all know "life is better around a campfire". Let us help you get there quicker!

*Savings are already included in the listed online price*


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